Revitalizing Communities: Golars’ Expertise in Brownfield Redevelopment

At Golars, we specialize in Brownfield projects involving multi-acre and multi-property Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts. With our comprehensive services, we evaluate environmental and health risk factors affecting properties or neighborhoods, fostering community outreach, health impact assessments, target corridor site prioritization, environmental site assessments, investigations, and other Brownfield programmatic requirements.


One of our primary objectives is to effectively communicate relevant environmental and health risk factors with community organizations, neighborhood partners, the public, and other stakeholders. Golars understands the importance of concise and clear communication, ensuring that all parties involved have a comprehensive understanding of the environmental challenges and potential health impacts associated with the Brownfield site.


Drawing on our extensive experience in analyzing environmental risk factors, developing Brownfield cleanup alternatives, and designing remediation strategies using risk-based approaches, we ensure the achievement of objectives for the neighborhood, planned development, and stakeholders. Our goal is to mitigate environmental risks while promoting sustainable, community-oriented redevelopment solutions.

Brownfield Services Include

  1. Risk-Based Corrective Action, Mitigation & Closure: We employ a risk-based approach to address and mitigate environmental contamination, facilitating the closure of contaminated facilities in a manner that prioritizes human health and environmental protection.
  2. Contaminated Facility Closure and Decontamination: Golars specializes in the closure and decontamination of contaminated facilities, ensuring the safe removal and management of hazardous substances or pollutants.
  3. Soil Management Plan Development and Oversight: We develop comprehensive soil management plans that outline proper handling, transportation, and disposal procedures to manage contaminated soil effectively. Our oversight ensures adherence to the plan’s guidelines throughout the remediation process.
  4. Waste Characterization, Profiling, and Disposal: Golars assists in waste characterization and profiling, providing valuable insights into the nature and extent of hazardous waste. We ensure proper disposal methods, adhering to all relevant regulations and guidelines.
  5. NFA Letters, Comfort Letters, Environmental Restrictive Covenants (ERCs): As part of the Brownfield redevelopment process, we help facilitate No Further Action (NFA) letters, Comfort letters, and the establishment of Environmental Restrictive Covenants (ERCs). These documents are crucial in documenting the successful completion of remediation activities and providing long-term protection for the community.

By choosing Golars for your Brownfield redevelopment needs, you can access our expertise in navigating complex environmental challenges. Our integrated approach, community engagement strategies, and risk-based remediation solutions ensure a sustainable and prosperous redevelopment process. We are committed to revitalizing communities, fostering economic growth, and protecting human health and the environment.

 Contact Golars today to learn more about our Brownfield redevelopment services and how we can assist you in achieving your community and stakeholder objectives. Together, let’s transform Brownfield sites into vibrant, thriving spaces that contribute to the overall well-being and prosperity of the community.


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