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PRATT, the creative powerhouse for retail marketing and signage, handed us a dream project—design a brochure just as cool as we could possibly imagine. Total swoon moment!

Our mission: Craft an unforgettably chic “coffee table book” that clients would treasure. Picture this: an unusual die-cut shape, stamped vinyl, and a touch of client logo magic. No stock images here! We went big, hiring a top-notch national photographer to create dreamy visuals, added a touch of Photoshop magic, and assembled the book with screw posts for that extra flair.

Minimal copy, maximum impact. Instead of the usual spiel, we went for “blah blah blah” interspersed with bold bullet points on what Pratt truly rocks at. The real gems? Testimonials straight from the clients. Because, let’s face it, client’s words say it all and in the end, that is what matters.

Guess what? This masterpiece snagged the coveted Judges Award at the Addy Awards that year. Yeah, we were grinning ear to ear!